Friday, July 2, 2010

The Big and Happy Family of MCLFI.!!!

These are the new coming Children's of MCL Family, We are happy together with these children. They are from diffirent places found in Cotabato. Most of them has no Parents. Some of them are half parent either Father or Mother. But then they are very kind dispite of their difficulties. We are enjoyed and happy to welcome a new children's in our home. "WELCOME to MCLFI FAMILY" Just a simple party for them to feel at home.

Tomo is a Big Father to them all. They are happy to called him "PAPA". It's a nice feeling if someone called you such kind of Words. Angel Aika and Angela Maika are happy too, to have a many friend. They were play together and eat together like a sister and brother. We are enjoyed eating CAKE!!! They are so happy to saw a beautiful cake, because in there place they never experience to have a cake in their house. I am a Big Mother to them all. And I am so happy and proud to had a many children. Dispite of their diffirent dialect's and culture's, I will take care of them, so that, they have a good future, and they can felt that they are belong of this beautiful world.


tomo said...

Hi Ms.Aprilyn! I'm tomo. We met in PJP-JPN symposium in Davao. Kumusta ka na? I'm surprised to see that you are working in a very dangerous situation. Hope you are doing well.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hello tomo,
I'm absolutely about you?
Yeah, I'll remember we met in Davao...yes we always worked in the remote area, specially those places has many children.