Friday, April 15, 2011

5th Muslim (Maguindanaon) Day Celebrarion

The muslin tradition on how they welcome their visitor especifically Maguindanaon tribe located in Cotabato City and other provences in Mindanao. They will used these flaglet or banners especially if they have a special occation, like weddings or any celebration. The flaglet was the symbolism if they had a occation. The Mindanao Children's Library (MCL) Foundation Inc had a Muslim Day celebration every year, specifically on January, last sunday of the month. To preserve and to know their cultures and belief, because some of the teenagers especially these generation they will already forgot, shy or hide their Identity, because of the discrimination. That's why the MCL has a celebrartion, to learned and to knew their wonderful tradition. Through that we will understand and respect them and to make peace with them.