Friday, June 18, 2010

Mcl Japan Officers with the Mcl supporters.

We went to Nagazaki City with Fr. Makoto Yamamoto.
Fr. Yamamoto is the Priest of Kokura Catholic Church of Fukuoka Japan.
Fr. Yamamoto are one of our benefactor.

MCL Japan supporter from Yukuhashi Catholic Church Of Fukuoka Japan. They made a group for helping MCL, the name of their group are "M no Kai". We had a meeting there regarding the Mcl Action between Mindanao and Japan. They are voluntarily helping MCL, and they were sending a thank you card to the supporters, benefactors, and donators. Mr. Kenichi Fujise (Right side of Tomo) is our President of MCL Japan. The same time he is one of our benefactor. Mr. Fujise went to Mindanao to know the real situation among Muslim and Christian. He felt happy when he saw the children here in MCL Foundation because in MCL are compose of diffirent Tribes, Culture, Belief, Religion, but then we live together, helping each other dispite of many diffirences. The Kitano Foundation base in Japan also one of our supporter and benefactor. Mr. Shimamura went to Mindanao Children's Library to gave a Certificate to their Scholars and he felt a happy and have a peace of mind while he stayed in MCL. They were helping also to MCL to built a Day Care Center in diffirent areas. To give a better Education to the Children's in mindanao.


Anonymous said...


wow im so proud of you ate you was continuing being a good hand of our same culture.... send my regards to tomo and you kids miss you ate aprilyn

Anonymous said...

Hello too,
Thank you for the comment...
I am just the instrument of God,who are the owner of all things..
I'll tell them...thanks again..God Bless